Sessions & Pricing

Sessions run Monday - Friday during term time.

We offer two sessions per day with an additional lunch club for children who would like to stay all day. Children can do either one or two sessions in a day. We recommend that children attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week as this helps them to settle in securely and build strong friendships with the other children at the setting.


                    9:00am - 12:00pm


Lunch Club:

                    12:00pm - 12:30pm



                    12:30pm - 3:30pm


  • Standard fees for children not accessing funding (and who are accessing sessions above those covered by funding)

£22.50 / each session

(£3.75 for lunch sessions)

  • Children accessing Early Years Funding Entitlement and/or 30 hours Government Funding must pay an Additional Services fee of:

£1.20 / hour


  • Deposit & Registration fee to secure place (non-refundable unless we are not able to offer your child a place*)




Our morning and afternoon sessions can be paid for using:

  • via Bacs bank transfer at our usual rates

  • Childcare Vouchers

  • The 15 hours Early Years Funding (EYFE) which all children are entitled to the term following their 3rd birthday

  • The 30 hours Early Years Funding (EYFE) - parents need to apply to check their eligibility

  • The Free Early Education for Two Year Olds (FEET funding)


As the government funding purely covers only the cost of the basic childcare element of what we offer, all parents are asked to make a contribution of £1.20 per hour that their child attends.  This additional contribution is to cover additional services that we undertake to give your child a better experience at pre school.  These include:

  • Providing a higher staff ratio than that required by Government standards

  • Providing an online Learning Journey so that parents can keep in touch with what thier child has been up to at pre school

  • Providing extra craft & cooking opportunities such as creating presents for special occasions such as Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day etc

  • Providing online invoicing

  • Providing sun cream

  • Organised events such as Sports Day & Nativity

Voluntary Contributions

We do always welcome and voluntary contributions that parents may like to make to help us continue to provide high quality provision, good resources and high staff-child ratios. Contributions can be made termly in the following amounts: £10, £20, £50, £100, £150.