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Sessions & Pricing

Sessions run Monday - Friday during term time.

We offer two sessions per day with a lunch club in between them.

Children can come for one or two sessions  a day. We recommend that children attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week to help them  settle in securely and build strong friendships with the staff and other children at the setting.

Early Drop off:      8:30am - 9:00am


Mornings:              9:00am - 12:00pm


Lunch Club:          12:00pm - 12:30pm


Afternoons:           12:30pm - 3:30pm


  • Standard fees for self-funded sessions for 2 year olds

    • £8.00/hours = £24.00 / each session

    • £4.00 for lunch session

  • Standard fees for self-funded sessions for 3+ year olds

    • £7.50/hours = £22.50 / each session

    • £3/75 for lunch session

  • 15/30 hour Funded Sessions

    • no additional charge for funded hours​

    • £7.50/week to cover additional provision


  • Reservation & Registration fee £100 paid when Confirmation of Place is sent and before enrolment starts


  • Payment methods accepted:

    • bank transfer

    • Childcare Vouchers

    • 15 hours 2 year old Working Parent Funding - parents need to apply to check their eligibility

    • 15 hours Early Years Funding (EYFE) which all children are entitled to the term following their 3rd birthday

    • 30 hours Early Years Funding (EYFE) - parents need to apply to check their eligibility

    • Free Early Education Funding (FEET) for Two Year Olds 


Government funding only covers a very basic level of childcare. We want to be able provide better care than this. To make this possible we ask parents to pay a flat rate fee of £7.50 per week to contribute to the additional services that we provide.

This provides all the extras that will enhance your child's time at Seedlings and is much easier than asking for, and collecting, multiple payments for these throughout the year:

  • Higher staff to child ratio than is required by Government standards

  • Online Learning Journey, Messaging and News Feed all in a convenient phone app so that you can keep in touch with your child's daily activities at pre school

  • Special events such as Important Person Breakfasts, Christmas and Graduation Party

  • Extra craft for creating presents for you to treasure on special occasions such as Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day etc

  • Additional activities such as Woodland Walks ,Dancing, Cookery, Super Maths

  • Sun cream


We do not want this to prevent you sending your child to Seedlings so, if you are unable to afford this, then please speak to us.

Voluntary Contributions

We always welcome any voluntary contributions that parents may like to make to help us continue to provide good resources and high quality provision. 

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