About Us

Seedlings is an independent pre school owned by Jenny and James Bruton, who previously achieved Outstanding in all areas from Ofsted as child minders. We have recently achieved GOOD across all areas at our first Ofsted inspection and are aiming at achieving Outstanding at our next inspection.

Held in the new Memorial Hall on St John’s Lye, Seedlings accommodates children between the ages of 2-4yrs, running 38 weeks of the year in line with the school terms.

The pre school room has been purpose built, providing a safe and stimulating environment for the children to learn and play. We operate from one main room which has been divided into different areas of learning: Art & Craft, Small World, Construction, Sensory and Role Play. 

We have a beautiful and spacious garden area which is surfaced with memory foam cushioned artificial grass giving the children a beautiful but safe area to run around in and explore their big play opportunities.

We’re also lucky to have access to the beautiful St John’s Lye and surrounding woodland in which we can take the children for nature walks and activities. In the autumn we sometimes go out to hunt for leaves & conkers for our craft activities, we make a yearly trip to the post box to send our letters to Santa, we go to visit the trains at the nearby railway bridge and sometimes stop off at the local playground. These activities happen ad hoc through the year and will always be carried out with small groups of children at a time with high staff ratio to ensure the safety of the children while they are out of the setting.

Our Ethos

At Seedlings we aim to create a fun and loving environment in which your children can grow and develop to reach their full potential and enjoyment of life and learning.

We do this by providing:

  • a safe and stimulating environment where children are enabled to develop and grow through the enjoyment of play

  • a warm and loving atmosphere where children can build secure relationships with the staff and their key workers

  • experienced and caring staff who can support your children through their early years

  • exciting opportunities for play and activities tailored to individual children's needs and abilities to help them explore and grow to their full potential

  • a strong link between parents and pre school ensuring parents can share and contribute to their children's time at pre school

  • good links between ourselves and the local infant schools

  • continually self evaluating our practice to ensure we always work to the highest standard possible